Are you up for the challenge?

2018 is your year, and we can help with forming those good habits.  From Monday 5th February until Saturday 3rd March we are ready to take you and your crew through 12 Group PT sessions and 4 mobility clinics. Forms available from the link below or by chatting to reception. If you’re a lone wolf don't sweat, we’ll find you a wolf pack.


Operation Fourtitude Registration Form (0.3mb)



Couple of FAQ's


When will the weigh & measures be conducted?

Initial weigh and measures: Sunday 4th February at 10am

Final weigh and measures: Saturday the 3rd March at 10am


Is this a team effort?

Yes, you will weigh in together, train together and progress as a team of four. The most improved crew will win based on both combined cms lost and % combined body weight lost.


Can I join as a single or pair?

Absolutely! We can hook you up with other participants to make a team of four.


How will the PT sessions be scheduled?

You will commit to three group sessions throughout the week at times that suit you* Early morning, midmorning and evening sessions will be available. Missed sessions can only be made up during the challenge by joining another pre-scheduled session. We will supply you with your pre-scheduled sessions prior to launch.

*Subject to instructor availability


What is the strength program?

We have designed an all-over strength program that you can complete in the gym outside of your group PT’s. WE suggest you do this 1-2x per week. We are going to run one demonstration session for those who would like some guidance around form and technique.        


When are the mobility sessions?

At 10am every Saturday for the duration of the challenge we will offer a 45 min mobility session where you will stretch, roll, mobilize your joints and muscles to assist with recovery and prevent injury. These sessions will put you in good stead for the rest of your life.