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As of Saturday, 26th June 2020, the Karratha Leisureplex will be operating as per State Government Phase 4 Guidelines.  More information and some Frequently Asked Questions can be found below surrounding our facility and for City of Karratha general COVID information please visit

Is the Leisureplex open again?

ALL facilites of the Leisureplex are now open.

Our opening hours and conditions are below:

Aquatic Centre (winter hours May-Sept)

6am-7pm weekdays

9am-5pm on weekends & public holidays


Courts & Fitness Centre

6am-9pm weekdays

7am-6pm weekends

9am-5:30pm public holidays



Mon – Friday      8.30am – 11.30 am          

Mon – Thu          4pm – 7.00pm                   

Sat                       7.30am – 11.30pm

What has changed?

We have moved towards full operations with the capacity limits removed. The main changes are: 

- pool bookings are no longer required and lanes aren't reserved or limited to pone person. 

- casual shots on indoor and outcourt courts are available

- 24hr gym access resumes

- limits on people per court and oval spaces have been removed

More information for the City of Karratha can be found here




What is happening with my membership?

All Leisureplex memberships are currently still on hold and will remain that way for the time being unless members specifically request their reactivation.

Please note that by reactivating your membership you will still only be able to access those areas that have partially re-opened and under the above booking conditions and guidelines.

If you do not wish to re-activate your membership that is fine; you can access those areas and services that are open by paying casually.

If you re-activate a Direct Debit Membership there will be an additional pro-rata amount, depending where the date you reactive falls in the payment cycle, above your normal fortnightly charge when the next payment run is made.


Why can I only book 1 hour sessions in the pool?

As we would like to give as many people as possible access to the pool in a given day we are limiting the amount of time in the aquatic centre to 1 hour maximum.  This is ample time to attend the facility, complete some exercise then vacate the area.  We are not opening to accommodate multiple hours of leisurely attendance at the aquatic centre.


Can I book 1 hour sessions outside of the allocated timeslots e.g. 3:15pm to 4:15pm?

No.  The reason for having allocated 1 hour timeslots that start and finish on the hour every hour allows us to keep track of those patrons in the facility at any one time, have one group of patrons vacate the facility to then conduct any necessary cleaning and tidy up at the conclusion of each hour prior to the next group of patrons entering.  If you can only arrive at 3:15pm you need to book into the 3pm-4pm timeslot and vacate the facility by 4pm.


How do the 100/300 people limits work at the Leisureplex?

We are fortunate enough to be able to accommodate 300 people total at our venue due to its size and the varied location of services.  This does however mean that we are having to allocate patron limits to all of our areas in accordance with this restriction and to best meet the needs and usage of as many of our patrons as possible.  



Can I hire gym or sports equipment?

Our gym and fitness equipment is not for hire.

We are now able to hire out sports equipment which will be cleaned following each use.


Why is there no 24hr access to the gym?

We are required to provide supervision in the gym to be able to allow patron access.  At this stage we are staffing the gym only during centre opening hours.


We will contact all members and community sporting groups with more detailed information via email shortly.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Please see the City of Karratha post and website for further information.

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Ph: 08 9186 8556



Where are we

You can find us in Karratha, Western Australia, on Dampier Highway opposite Broadhurst Road. Visit Google Maps for directions