Starts 2nd November

  • Boarding Passes and Challenge Guide can be collected from Monday 2nd Nov. Late entries are still welcomed but please remember that you don’t get extra time to complete the challenge if you start late. 
  • This challenge is free to Full/Gym/SCR members. Those that wish to participate can choose to pay casual entries or sign up for a month membership.
  • Challenge Conditions – Each leg must be completed in full, signed off and removed by staff before moving onto the next destination. You can look through the challenge to see what’s ahead but you cannot mix and match different legs. You start on the 1st leg and finish on the 9th leg.
  • To be eligible to go into the prize raffle, you must complete the challenge in full by the 29th November. 

The challenge is open to Full, Gym and SCR members or to anyone paying casually into our gym spaces. 

There will be 9 legs in total and all participants who complete them go into the draw to win: 

1 month FULL membership plus a 3x30 minute Personal Training pack


Congratulations to Donna Kelly and JieTu Nie. Your prizes are in the mail!