Group Fitness Christmas Challenge

Tick off all the classes on the challenge card and then participate in SUPER SATURDAY!

  • Start date 1st of December, finish on the 18th.  Open to Group Fitness and Full members, as well as casual and visit pass holders.
  • 25 sessions to attend during this time.
  • Super Saturday will be held on Saturday the 18th. More information on that to come, but as a brief explanation we will be running a session which will be a combination of all of our LM programs.  A couple of tracks from each program.
  • Instructors in the class will initial the box which matches the class that has been attended.
  • The boxes which have ‘Your choice’ or two programs in it, the participant can choose either.
  • There will be prizes on the Super Saturday. Participants must have all boxes checked off and must attend the Super Saturday to be in the draw to win a small prize.
  • There will also be a small prize for the first line fully completed, this can be either horizontal or vertical.
  • The challenge cards will be available from the front desk.  



Meet the Girls 

Challenge yourself to a 'Meet the Girls' Crossfit workout. Click here for workouts.