Lane Availability

As of 23rd March all access is closed. 

Permanent Pool Bookings

We have a moveable boom in our 50m pool.

This means we have the ability to configure the 50m pool in a number of ways:

  • The whole pool can be split in half, providing the equivalent of two 25m pools
  • The boom can remain at the deep end of the pool and all lanes will be 50m

The boom allows us to accommodate for both recreation swimmers and summer sports such as water polo or short course swimming. When we indicate the boom has been moved, the 50m pool will be divided into two 25m pools (25m configuration).

Why is the boom to be moved in the early afternoons?  

Between 1pm & 2pm is the most appropriate time for a safe and convenient move of the boom.   At this time, we are able to ensure we have the staff required for this change to occur, while continuing to provide adequate pool supervision.  This time is also one of our lower patronage periods and it impacts the least amount of people using the facility. The boom move is completed prior to programming and bookings commencing immediately after school.